Aquil Bey, Founder, Tailored Defense Training Group

LiteFighter365 was developed by retired Green Beret and Founder of the Tailored Defense Training Group, Aquil Bey. Mr. Bey has compiled his training, experiences and lessons learned during 22 years of military service into a palatable and relevant self-defense training program. His exposures and experience were the catalyst to developing critical skills; which kept him and his Men alive throughout their operations. Mr. Bey emphasizes that LiteFighter365 is about mindset, individual will and the determination to do what it takes to win. He reinforces that LiteFighters should learn how to use what they have with them on a daily basis and laments any obsession with wearing and training with gear or equipment we are unlikely to have with us when we need it most. Mr. Bey admits that the LiteFighter365 Training Programs are ugly, dirty and uncomfortable. His goal is to expose you to these conditions in order to prepare you for the speed of violence. Attendees who successfully complete their respective LiteFighter365 Training Program are awarded the coveted and exclusive LiteFighter365 Mark of Distinction. It is only available to those who have completed a LiteFighter365 Training Program and is purchased through sweat equity.